About Us

Who are we?

Based in Singapore, we started our Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) business for an European international company in 2014 as they wanted an omnichannel support team to grow and service their China market. Over the years, we have also outsourced various back office processes and call center positions from our Singapore business units to China. 

There are constant challenges such as difficulty in employing and retaining staff, multi-tasking managers handling high volumes of emails with no time to deal with the important aspect of your business. Hence, we aim to serve the companies of different needs with a highly trained and committed bilingual outsourcing team.

While there is a stigma in outsourcing due to the so-called ‘trade secret’, we aim to assure the companies with our robust Data Protection commitment.

Our Team

Our team is based both in Singapore and China. The contract is managed by our Singapore team while the operations are serviced by our China team. This allows us to use Singapore as a base to reach out to global clients and yet offering a competitive English and Chinese language outsourcing service from China.

Our Service Commitment

We started our company with a commitment to all our clients the best in class service. We see service quality as a continuous journey by constantly training and retraining our staff, constantly reviewing the processes, constantly analysing feedback to improve. In our never ending pursuit of service excellence, we adopted an Enterprise Singapore Business Excellence framework in 2016 and got certified in Singapore Quality Class with Service.

Our Data Protection Commitment

As the majority of our clients are in Singapore we are governed by the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). We have also adopted EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) security measures. Similar to service excellence, our Data protect journey is continuously evolving. We have appointed 3 Data Protection Officers to constantly review our Data Protection Policy. We train our key appointment holders in Data protection and make sure the measures are implemented and communicated to their teams.

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