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Case Studies

Case Studies

Omni-channel support

Our client, a leading international car rental company, was looking to enter the Chinese market. They were sourcing for a company who can provide Mandarin customer service support, including call centre, live chat, email, etc. With our high quality customer services, we gained trust from the client and gradually undertook more business processes such as website content management, content translation, social media management (wechat, weibo and KOI), blog content writing and social media marketing. We are happy to have worked and grown together with our client.

Back office and call centre support

We provide various services to support the clients based on their needs. One of the clients requested for a back office (data entry and data management) and call centre support, which they originally handled themselves in Singapore. After outsourcing these services, they saved on manpower costs and were able to operate 24/7, serving a wider customer base. The core team members are now able to concentrate on the business development of the company.

Content management and chat support across different Sales Channels

Our client is a local trading company that wishes to expand their digital reach and customer support. Due to repeated staff turnover, they had difficulty expanding their business while maintaining quality customer support. Our support team is providing them with the following services: webpage content management, wechat and major social media channels content updates and management of customers’ enquiries. We help to ensure their pricing and inventory are always updated across these channels. Their sales executives are now free to perform more value-adding tasks, such as developing new products and reaching out to other industries. During out of office hours and weekends, we continue to support pre-sales and post sales inquiries to ensure better sales conversions and customer experience.

Operation support

One of our clients is a technology company, handling cross-border payments and financing. They were launching their products in China market and looking for an outsourcing company who can give them a more adaptable solution. We are more than willing to provide flexible solutions to support the clients in their startup phase. After understanding their needs, our team arranged a few agents to take over the operation workload at the initial stage, work together with their team to confirm the operating procedures and also offer the flexibility to expand the support team as their business grows. By outsourcing basic day-to-day operation work, their core team are able to attend to more important tasks such as products and market development.

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