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Why Outsource

Why should you outsource your business process?

Around 80% of MNCs outsource some part of their business processes. This includes:

  • Front office operations such as customer support, marketing and sales (including pre sales inquiries and post sales support such as complaint management).
  • Back office operations such as payment processing, payroll, finance data entry.

Such processes are outsourced not simply because it is more cost effective. It also allows their team to focus on their core business functions, creating better experiences and improving loyalty.

SMCBPO is not a massive BPO company that provides a complete suite of services. Instead, we focus on boutique BPO offerings that are tailored to specific needs of clients. We make sure to give more personalized attention to your service needs and customize the processes to ensure a seamless customer experience. We are flexible in terms of our packages, tasks and minimum number of agents. Bespoke services at the right price!

Customer Support

1. Cost Reduction (Management Time/Human resource cost)

Outsourcing customer support and back office operations are sometimes more cost efficient as compared to maintaining your own team. We maximise work efficiency with our professional manpower supply capability, personnel configuration and on-site control capability, and reduce your HR cost on recruitment, onboarding and retraining. There are also savings in office rental, and the cost of managing and communicating with a larger work force.

2. Business Continuity and Managing Risks

Outsourcing reduces the risk of subpar operation when a business is faced with high turnover and long leaves. Our manpower pool ensures your business operation or customer support will not be disrupted unpredictably. Outsourcing also reduces the risk of losing your customer’s data to competition.

3. After Office Hours Support

Getting staff willing to work odd hours can be challenging and expensive. Outsource these tasks to us should your customer service or operation require after office hour support. Our 24/7 team ensures maximum coverage as needed.

4. Focus on core business

Business process outsourcing enables you to focus more on your core business by outsourcing low value, mundane day-to-day activities. We also offer services like customer support outsource, bpo call center, bilingual customer service and reduce the need for more full-time staff, so that you can pay more attention in the recruitment of core positions.

5. Keep all your conversations secure

We operate in compliance with Singapore’s PDPA & EU’s GDPR. We fully respect your customer’s privacy and the importance of data security.

Appropriate security measures are put in place to prevent your data and/or your customers’ data from being accidentally lost, used or accessed in an unauthorized way.

6. Bilingual customer support

For those who wish to better serve the Chinese market, the setup of China call centre is ultimately important. We have a professional Chinese and English speaking customer support team. Outsourcing your Chinese customer service (including Chinese call centre, Chinese livechat, etc…) to us will help to communicate better with your Chinese clients and prevent unnecessary information loss in translation. Chinese clients will be more comfortable and feel at ease to be able to convey their needs in their native language.

Maintaining customer loyalty is not easy nowadays as they have more choices from the internet and social media. It is more cost-effective and profitable to retain customers than obtain new potential customers. A professional customer support team will add value to customer retention.

7. Better CSAT with dedicated customer support

Studies have shown handling and response time of your customer’s inquiries are critical to higher Customer Satisfaction (CSAT). By being responsive and able to answer to customer’s inquiries quicker builds brand loyalty and trust. Well implemented live chat is also shown to have higher CSAT than hotlines for simple Q&A.

Support from as low as 1 seat. Contact us to get a tailored solution.

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